Health FAQs


How can Life Compact SOD Tea help boost my health?
Its nutrient, Aspalathus Linearis has antioxidant properties, caffeine-free and neutral pH which balance your body’s acid-alkaline level, reduce your stress level and boost your immune system.  It is suitable for the whole family.
How long will it takes to see its benefits?
Result varies in each individual. You will feel refreshed and less tired after a cup or two.
I can't sleep after I drink tea.
Life Compact SOD Tea is caffeine-free, therefore able to improve sleeping problems especially insomnia.
When is the best time to drink? Before or after meal?
Anytime of the day which supplement your daily fluids needs of 8 to 10 glasses including beverages and soups at an interval of 1 hour to drink 1 to 1½ glass.
Can I drink the tea with I am taking Chinese or Western medicine?
Yes, because Life Compact SOD Tea has neutral pH which balance your body’s acid-alkaline level and helps to decrease the acidic content in the Chinese or Western medicine.


How can Life Compact Brown Rice Signature Tea help boost my health?
It is known for its three main benefits in improving cardiovascular, bowel regularity and urination which is cater for the golden age group. (Aged 50 years and above).
Can Life Compact Brown Rice Signature Tea helps anemia problem?
Yes, because its nutrient, Brown Rice has iron content which is known for improving blood circulation in anemia and low blood pressure.
I have water retention problems, can Life Compact Brown Rice Signature Tea helps?
Yes, because Brown Rice and Jobs’ Tears are known to be diuretic therefore expel excess water from our body system.
I have asthma problems, can Life Compact Brown Rice Signature Tea helps?
Yes, because Brown Rice is known for improving cardiovascular and blood circulation therefore improves asthma problems as well.


How can Life Compact So-Slim SOD Tea helps my obesity?
Yes, by eliminating carbohydrates, unwanted fats & toxic wastes from your gastrointestinal system. At the same time, it helps to curb your appetite.
Can chronic constipation or diarrhea individuals take Life Compact So-Slim SOD Tea?
Yes, for chronic constipation, daily to take 1 to 2 sachets hour before breakfast.For chronic diarrhea, to take or 1 sachet after meal and at the same time, it will strengthen your gastrointestinal system as well.
Can I drink if I have gastric problems?
Yes because its nutrient, Probiotic is known for promoting healthy gastrointestinal system and better to take after meals.
Can kids and elderly drink?
Yes, for kids aged 5 to 12 years old to take sachet at not more than 1 sachet daily unless under the advice of health specialist like health practitioner, pharmacist or nutritionist. As for elderly, to take 1 sachet once or twice daily at hour before or after meal.
Why should I drink plenty of water after taking So-Slim SOD Tea?
Plenty of water is needed to expand the soluble & insoluble fiber which helps to excrete the toxic wastes faster from our gastrointestinal system.
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